The History
The privately owned Komlex Trading company was established in Kolin, Czech Republic in 1994 by two partners. Both of them completed their studies in dairy field and underwent an 11- year working experience and management in Dairy Kolin, an important export company.

The primary subject of Komlex Trading company was, from its beginning, the foreign and the domestic trade with milk powders and frozen butter. Also production, import and sales of feed components and milk replacers for calves were originally aimed activities of the company.

Based on our strategic partnerís proposal to expand foreign markets, a subsidiary company, Interfood CZ was established, the majority of which was held by Interfood OST from Zvolen, Slovakia. For nearly 8 years the newly established company was a member of Dutch group, Interfood BV, one of the most important companies in Europe dealing in dairy products.
The Present
In spring of 2003 both companies moved to newly reconstructed offices in Kolin 6. In summer 2003 Interfood CZ was transformed into Euromilk company. Its sole owner is now Komlex Trading company. After the above mentioned transformation the parent company, Komlex Trading, have been concentrating their products and their services to the Czech market. The objective for the subsidiary Euromilk is to successfully continue foreign trading in dairy, soya and other products with the present partners while searching, building and developing new business partnerships.

The Future
For almost 10 years we have been offering quality goods, services and our experience to dairies, bakeries and ice-cream producers, as well as feed producers and farmers. We have had a long-term working relationship with many producers and trading companies in dairy and food industries all over Europe.

We believe to be successful in the future as well!

We truly value our good relationship with our business partners and associates and are looking forward to our cooperation with you, our new business partners!

Komlex Trading & Euromilk
Jiri Brzobohaty
Managing director